3 Essential to Remember Before Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign

By Rachelle Scott, CrowdFundBeat Guest Editor,
Similar to the way any clever entrepreneur would, a crowdfunder needs to plan and strategize before the actual launch takes place. Under many cases it is the success of this planning and formulating that eventually leads to a successful campaign. In order words, to meet your goals during the “post-launch” phase, you need to give your initiative a jumpstart during pre-launch.
Pre-launch is all about building a strong foundation to ensure an efficient and smoothly running campaign afterwards. Evidently, some scenarios change with time and some “unforeseen predicaments” have to be dealt with later on—a natural way of doing business. However, the importance of taking the time out to prepare for you campaign earlier on cannot be stressed enough. For now let’s focus on the best practices during a Crowdfunding pre launch phase.
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1) Research Your Genre:
What do you intend to sell to your audience? It could an artistic pursuit, new software, and crazy invention, a social cause, a website like dissertation corp or anything at all. The number of campaigns that have already been successfully and unsuccessfully launched in a plethora of genres is immeasurable. By researching
some of the most successful and unsuccessful campaigns that sold a cause similar to yours, you’ll get a fair idea on what to do/not do and where to begin.
While successful campaigns will shed light on what you could apply to your own campaign, failed
campaigns will reveal what mistakes you should be avoiding
Study Your Target Audience: Who do you expect to be exceedingly enthusiastic you  bout d these people? Knowing your target audience is crucial to Crowdfunding success, your project? What “problem” of theirs are you looking to solving? Where can you and clearly something that has to be done before you launch your campaign. Some of
the worst campaigns fail to fulfill a need or solve a “problem” and wind up receiving zero backers.
Less than 50% Kickstarter projects meet their financial goals and 10% meet them at Indigo This sad statistic is evidence of the fact that you have to build a solid plan that attracts enough people who actually care about your project Your audience may not necessarily be a specific type. The most interested candidates could belong from two or three distinct groups with different demographics. Overlapping audience is acceptable as long as they aren’t too many, meaning that your project lacks a proper audience.
Once you’ve figured that out, start forming profiles based on your research. What does
this target audience love or hate? What motivates this audience? What are their needs and interests? Who are they influenced by? How does my product or cause solve their problem(s)? Again, the last question is the most important one ! Also figure out where this audience spends most of their time online. Should you be emailing them or contacting them through social media? Which social media networks are they more likely to use? What kind of sites, online communities, and blogs do they prefer visiting? What kind of search terms do they use? The answers to these questions will allow you envision how to market your project, get their attention, and make your pitches.
Build a Presence : Contacting building is probably themost important step before your launch  Your ability to gather people, convince them of your story, and get them following you and your project is directly proportional to your success! Fan building begins with an online presence. Establish a firm social media presence and if possible, start blogging. Build an optimized landing page and allow your visitors to make a difference with just a few clicks. Make sure you provide useful and relevant content that details your project and why you need the money. According to Huffingtonpost , one of the top ten reasons why campaigns fail is because they fail to clarify what the money is for and fail to post updates.
Utilize your list of personal contacts including family, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Ask these people to help you find even more potential backers and provide you with their email addresses. One of the best strategies to get your name out there is to target bloggers or mediapersonalities that already have large fan followings. Once you’ve found your “evangelist” who could aggressively promote and preach your project, you can start reaching out by asking for contributions.
Author Bio:
Rachelle Scott is a finance specialist at an online education portal. Due to her immense interest
and vast experience in fundraising, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, she loves to blog on those
topics to help newbie and professionals alike with their crowdfunding campaigns

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