How To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

Learn How To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign!

By Justine Schofield – Development Director at Pubslush.

A crowdfunding campaign requires the same amount of planning, marketing and promotion as any other successful business venture. As a successful crowdfunding campaign is often the launching pad for future success, it’s important that project creators know the importance of creating a marketing plan and employing a variety of promotional efforts to help spread their campaign to reach the maximum number of people.

If you’re considering crowdfunding you should first educate yourself on how to effectivly promote your crowdfunding campaign. Devise a marketing plan well before you launch your campaign and consider including various different promotional efforts through the duration of your campaign. To get you started, here are some of my own favorite ways to promote a crowdfunding campaign:

Make your campaign accessible. Make it as easy as possible for people to find and support your campaign. Simple techniques such as including the link to your campaign in your email signature and social media bios will help make your campaign more accessible to people you interact with.

Be Sure To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign To Your Inner Circle!

Ask a friend to ask a friend. One of the easiest ways for you to maximize your reach is to have the people in your own network share your campaign with their networks, too. Ask them to post your campaign on their social media or even draft them a quick email they can blast out to their contacts. A friend of theirs may just become a supporter of yours.

Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Think outside the box. In this case, the box is your computer. Since crowdfunding is an online campaign, it’s easy to assume all promotion should be done online. However, there are many opportunities to promote yourself and your campaign in your own community. People are more likely to support your campaign if they feel a personal connection towards you and meeting people in person can help to build this connection. Research local events that target your potential audience and get out there!

Show them you mean business…with business cards! Vistaprint offers free business cards, so when you do decide to think outside the box you’ll be prepared. You can create cards designed specially for your campaign. This will show people you’re serious about your project.

In Order To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign With Success You Must Blog!

Blog about it. People curate most of their information from the Internet, so bloggers have a wide reach. Seeking out bloggers who write about topics that could coincide with your project is a great way to spread the word about your campaign to wider audience. Offering them a freebie of some sort may help convince them to consider covering your campaign!

Guerilla Rewards. Your reward levels are a way for you to entice the supporters of your campaign, so it’s important to maximize the potential of your rewards. By rolling out “limited time offers,” in which you can offer supports an extra perk for a limited time or a limited number of people, you’re both enticing supporters while also creating urgency for people to support.

Remember, a campaign that isn’t promoted will not be successful. Project creators need to build the momentum for their campaign and only once they’ve built a solid foundation will their campaign attract people from outside of their network. Just as is the case with any other business or product, the groundwork needs to be laid in order for a wide audience to be reached. These are only a few promotional ideas to get you started, but coming up with your own, creative ideas will help you to stand out from the crowd and attract more attention to your campaign.


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