Who’s Who? of CrowdFunding Industry Professionals

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Jay Abraham  Business Growth Strategist 

Kendall Almerico  crowdfunding and JOBS Act expert  @FundhubBiz

Douglas Atkin at Guggenheim Partners

Sydney Armani CEO and Publisher CrowdFundBeat Media @Sydney_armani

Jouko Ahvenainen Chairman and Co-founder CrowdValley @jahven

Dara Albright Chief Commuications Officer, Crowdcentric Founder, NowStreet @NowStreet

Antonio Arias CEO and Co-founder Healthy Crowdfunder Corp @alamidas @healthvcfunder

Craig Asano Founder and Executive Director of  NCFA Canada

Nav Athwal   Realtyshares.com    nav@realtyshares.com       

Jason Best Co-founder and Principal Crowdfund Capital Advisors @CrowdCapA

Chance Barnett  CEO,  Crowdfunder

Jeffrey A. Bekiares Spark Market Intrastate Platform

James Beshara  Crowdtilt’s CEO and co-founder 

Salvador Briggman  CEO   Crowdcrux.com

Andy Bentz Co-Founder CrowdLanding  andy@crowdlanding.com

Jim Borzilleri CEO, CrowdEngine @crowdengines 

Richard Bliss  crowdfunding podcast, 

Amanda Barbara    www.pubslush.com        

Amanda Boyle CEO and Founder Bloom VC @nowaffle

Joseph Barisonzi   Community Leader Turnkey CrowdFunding

Nick  Bhargava Co-Founder GROUNDFLOOR

Dan Ciporin  CEO and Venture Capitalist  

Ryan Caldbeck, CEO of CircleUp, a crowdfunding platform for accredited investors 

Chris Camillo Author Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing @ChrisCamillo

Steve Cinelli    primarq.com   stevec@primarq.com

Philip  Cardwell   Film PR  Crowdfunding  Consulatant    cphilip@philipcardwell.com

Adam Chapnick   AssetAvenue @AdamChapnick    

Luan Cox   CEO Crowdnetic    luan@crowdnetic.com   

Trish Costello CEO & Founder of Portfolia

Susan Cooney Founder & CEO at Givelocity

Daniel Daboczy CEO FundedbyMe @fundedbymeceo

Timothy C. Draper  Founder Partner of DFJ 

Mat Dellorso CEO of  WealthForge

Kathryn Diamond, SVP Boston Private Bank, Wealth Management

Andrew Dix Co-Founder Crowdfund Insider

AdaPia d’Errico CMO of Patch of Land

Brian Dally   Co-founder & CEO, GROUNDFLOOR 

Tommaso D’Onofrio  CEO Assiteca Crowd S.r.l.

Andrea Downs President and CEO  Coastalshows.com

David Drake LDJ Capital Soho Loft Capital Creation

Douglas Ellenoff   ellenoff@egsllp.com

Carl Esposti Crowdsourcing I Crowdfunding I Founder Crowdsourcing.org 

Peter Einstein  CrowdFunding4All (CF4ALL) – Search Engine

Alex Fair Co-founder and CEO MedStartr.com @alexbfair

Michael Faulkner CEO SeedUps @seedups

Jonathan Frutkin  Co-founder  Cricca Funding ,  author  equity Crowdfunding 

Paul Freeman  CFO  CrowdIt   paul@crowdit.com

Ryan Feit CEO and co-founder SeedInvest @ryanfeit

Brad Feld Managing Director Foundry Group @bfeld

Dr. Michael Gebert   German Crowdfunding Network

Alfredo Guilbert   COO of Digital Film Cloud Network

Samuel Sguzik   Crowdfunding Expert   @guziklaw.com

Sanj Goyle   CEO  @bancbox.com

Daniel Gorfine   Milken Institute

Julia Groves  UK’s  www.trillionfund.com   http://www.ukcfa.org.uk/  

Sandi Gilbert  Founder & CEO  CrowdCapital &SeedUps Canada

Dr. Kevin Grell  CrowdFunding  KBG|Consulting  kevinberggrell@gmail.com

Oliver Gajda Co-founder and Chairman EURCrowdfunding @olivergajda

Vivian Greene  Invest in Love, inc.

Adam Hooper, founder/CEO of RealCrowd

Kevin Harrington, Chairman of As Seen On TV

Josef Holm  CEO @Tubestart.com, Crowdfunding Innovator, 

Daryl Hatton  CEO   fundrazr.com

James A Jones Self-Directed IRA Industry Angel Investor

Barry  James   Barry. James@thesocialfoundation.org.uk

Alon Goren  CEO  at invested.in     alon@invested.in

Jason T. Graf     CEO    Crowd it  jason@crowdit.com

Jillian Helman   Realty Mogul  Jilliene@realtymogul.com

Sara Hanks CEO and Founder Crowd Check @SaraCrowdCheck

Josef Holm Founder and CEO, crowdfunding.biz CEO, Tubestart @josefholm

Mike Hayes  Executive Producer Start Ups In Action

Ruth Hedges, CEO and Founder of  CrowdFundingroad map.com

Jessica Jackley Investor and Advisor, Collaborative Fund Co-founder, Kiva @jessicajackley

Oscar A. Jofre, Jr. Founder, President and CEO BoardSuite @oscarjofre

Scott Jordan   Healthios Exchange

Karen Kerrigan President Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council @karenkerrigan

Brian Koscak CANADA casselsbrock BKoscak@casselsbrock.com

 Danny Kelman CEO CrowdBoarders

Paul Keating   founder and CEO of CrowdCanDo; a crowdfunding platform for events.

Ronald Kleverlaan  Senior Crowdfunding Strategist & Vice chairman European Crowdfunding Network  

Candace Klein  founding member of Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CIFRA)

David Khorram    CrowdFunding evangelist   dkhorram@crowdfundingplanning.com

Luke Lang Co-founder Crowdcube @lukelang

Howard Leonhardt Founder, Chairman and CEO Leonhardt Ventures @howardleonhardt

Jeff Lynn CEO and Co-founder Seedrs @jeffseedrs  

Sang H. Lee CEO & Founder at Return on Change

Christopher J. Crippen Certified Crowd Funding Professional, 

Alessandro M. Lerro   Crowdfunding  Italy

Renaud Laplanche Lending Club, CEO

 Kevin Lawton  Co-Author Crowdfunding Revolution

Benjamin Miller  Co-Founder, Fundrise  

David Manshoory  CEO, AssetAvenue

 Matteo Masserdotti  founder @Tip.ventures

Klaus-Martin Meyer, Crowdfunding blogger in Europe

Bill Morrow Co-Founder & Director Angels Den

 Scott Purcell CEO  Fund America 

Darren Powderly, Co-Founder  CrowdStreet, Inc.

Jason Tripp at PENSCO Trust Company

Andrew Moss, President of Booster, LLC

Nadav Trenter Moser  : http://www.mimoona.com/ medugam@gmail.com

Jonathan Medved  CEO at OurCrowd

Vincent Molinari  Founder-CEO Gate Global Impact,Inc

Michael Markowski    CrowdClassifieds.com, Inc.

Gene Massey CEO of  mediashares  gene@mediashares.com

Benjamin Miller   FundRise – Direct Public Offering Platform

Elena Mikhaylova, CEO of Crowdfund Productions, LLC

Gadi Mazor OurCrowd – Israeli Angel Platform

Brian Meece RocketHub Rewards Platform

Matthew McGrath, President and CEO of Optimize Capital Markets

Scott E. McIntyre: Secy. Board of Directors  CFPA , Director Phabriq Devp.; @scot_mcintyre

Dan Marom  Author Crowdfunding Revolution me@danmarom.com

 Brock Murray, CEO of Joi Media, makers of the Katipult white label crowdfunding 

Arik Marmorstein  Mimoona – Israeli Reward Platform

Roy Morejon  President of digital marketing agency Command Partners

Eric Migicovsky Founder Pebble Technology @ericmigi

Alexander Mittal Co-founder and CEO FundersClub @mittal 

Paul Niederer CEO Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB)

Rodrigo Niño  Prodigy Network’s founder and CEO  

Sherwood (woodie) Neiss   Partner, Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Perry Niro   Montreal,  Canada  perry@groupeavea.com

Humphrey Polanen  Managing Director of I-Bankers Direct

Tanya Prive Founder and COO RockThePost @tanyapri 

Jeremiah Owyang    Web Strategy   www.crowdcompanies.com

Howard Orloff      Crowdfunding-Website-Reviews

Mark Perlumutter   www.websummits.com

DJ Paul    Co-Chair  CFIRA  

Sam Quawasmi, MD Eureeca

Georgia Quinn  Crowdfunding Law Expert 

David S. Rose Founder and CEO of crowdfunding site Gust

Naval Ravikant  Founder and CEO Angellist

Danae Ringelman Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer Indiegogo  @GoGoDanae

Ron Suber  President at Prosper Marketplace

Jonathan Sandlund Founder TheCrowdCafe @jsandlund

Joy Schoffler Principal joy.s@leverage-pr.com

Joanna Schwartz s  CEO of EarlyShares

Charles Sidman  President, Crowdfunding Professional Association CFPA

Marlon Schulman Founder & CEO Horror Equity Fund, Inc

Eric Schreyer Journalist  and Editor CrowdFundBeat Germany 

Kati Suominen   Founder and CEO of TradeUp, LLC

Dr. Victoria Silchenko    Journalist, Author, Speaker

Sohin Shah  Co-Founder iFunding

Manolis Sfinarolakis Founder & Producer at Reality Crowd TV, 

Bishop Rodney Sampson Kingonomics

Kevin Swill COO of the Carlton Group

Congressman Patrick McHenry one of the investment crowdfunding industry’s most resolute champions

Peter MacKness   UK  Crowdfunding, Sponsorship, Brand Activation,

John-Michael Scott      Crowdfunding Film Project     jms@indiefund.it    

Stefano Zaccaria D’Aniello Co-Founder & COO, GroundBreaker

Bruno Schneider – Le Saout  Crowdfundng France 

Paul Spinrad    CrowdFunding Advocate Investian

Wil Schroter Founder and CEO Fundable @wilschroter

Barry Sheerman Member of Parliament for Huddersfield UK Parliament @BarrySheerman

Barry Silbert Founder and CEO SecondMarket @barrysilbert

Rose Spinelli Coach, Trainer, Pitch Video Creator TheCrowdfundamentals.com @TCFrose

Duncan Stewart Director of TMT Research Deloitte Canada @dunstewart

Yancey  Strickler Co-founder and CEO Kickstarter @ystrickler

Tim Sullivan CEO MicroVentures N/A

Richard Swart  Partner and Research Director Crowdfund  Capital Advisors @richardswart

Devin D. Thorpe   Journalist, Author,   philanthropist  @  devindthorpe

John Trigonis  Indiegogo   author of Crowdfunding for Filmmakers
Chris Thomas, CEO Eureeca
Carlo Tabibi        CEO @ Patch of Land 
Chris Tyrrell  CEO at Offer Board   @christyrrell
Slava  Rubin  CEO  Indiegogo (@gogoslava
Darren Westlake CEO CrowdCube @DazWest

Joanne Wilson Co-founder Gotham Gal Ventures @thegothamgal

Kim Waels    Wales Capital    @kimwales1

Johnton  Wilson  Crowdfudning  attorney  jwilson@taylorenglish.com

Dr. Letitia Wright @Wright Place TV Show

Mathew Walker Technology Enthusiast | Domain Name Broker | eBook Author

David Weild Chairman & CEO at IssuWorks

Noreen Weiss Adler, a New York–based attorney who has written extensively on crowdfunding.

Katharine Voyles Mobley  Chief Marketing Officer WeCareCard

Sonny Vu Misfit Wearables 

Diana Yazidjian  Crowdfunding strategist  Canada

Bryan Zhang PhD Researcher Bryan Zhang @BryanZhangZ

Korstiaan Zandvliet     Symbid – Global Equity Platform

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