Kickercon Crowd Funding Conference, Houston, Texas – August 28-30, 2014

Goals of the conference

We are bringing together thousands of people that want to learn more about equity and reward-based crowd funding. The laws are changing rapidly in many states, to include Texas. This set of events are designed to keep inventors, entrepreneurs, real-estate professionals, and investors in the know.

Learning Objectives

  • Real Estate Crowd Funding
  • Equity & Reward-Based Crowd Funding
  • Invention Development
  • Tax and Business Law

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Target Audience

This conference targets crowd funding enthusiasts, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and real estate professionals. We provide professionals with the networking needed to produce new products and businesses.





avatar for Kendall Almerico, J.D.

Kendall Almerico, J.D.

CEO & Founder, Fund Hub
Tampa, Florida
CEO & Founder, Fund Hub
Tampa, Florida

avatar for Sydney Armani

Sydney Armani

Founder & CEO, Silicon Valley CrowdFund Ventures
Palo Alto, California

avatar for Bill Baker

Bill Baker

Co-Founder / CEO, Celebrity Web Chefs
Los Angeles, CA

avatar for Utz Baldwin

Utz Baldwin

CEO, Plum
Austin, Texas

avatar for Amanda Barbara

Amanda Barbara

Vice President and Co-Founder, Pubslush
New York, NY

avatar for C. Jeff Beall

C. Jeff Beall

Managing Director, IRACheckbook
Charleston, South Carolina Area

avatar for Brandon Bertrand

Brandon Bertrand

Founder/Owner, Launch Culture
Dallas/Fort Worth Area

avatar for Daryl Bryant

Daryl Bryant

Founder and CEO, StartupValley
Greater New York City Area

avatar for Scott Burton

Scott Burton

Consultant, Finance and Business Development, Scott Burton
Austin, Texas Area

avatar for Anthony Carrano

Anthony Carrano

President, Z Factor Group
Austin, Texas

avatar for AdaPia d'Errico

AdaPia d’Errico

Chief Marketing Officer, Patch of Land
Los Angeles, California

avatar for Brian Dally

Brian Dally

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area

avatar for Mark Fidelman

Mark Fidelman

CEO, Raynforest
Greater San Diego Area

avatar for Michael JP Fitzgerald

Michael JP Fitzgerald

Business Solutions Author, Editor-In-Chief of 2BCrowdFunded Digital Magazine
Houston, Texas Area

avatar for Conley Giles

Conley Giles

CEO, The School of Invention
Austin, Texas Area

avatar for Richard Haberkern

Richard Haberkern

CEO, Telespial Systems
Greater Los Angeles Area

avatar for Even Hafer

Even Hafer

Founder, TwistRate

avatar for Amanda Hat

Amanda Hat

Director of Growth Innovation, Indiegogo
San Francisco Bay Area

avatar for Kit Hickey

Kit Hickey

Co-Founder, Ministry of Supply
Greater Boston Area

avatar for Stephanie Jelley

Stephanie Jelley

Founder & CEO, Umojawa
Greater New York City Area

avatar for Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

Founder & CEO, The Freeloader
Austin, Texas Area

avatar for Henry Liu

Henry Liu

Engineer/CEO, Full Spectrum Laser
Las Vegas, Nevada Area

avatar for Hall Martin

Hall Martin

Director, Texas Entrepreneur Network
Austin, Texas Area

avatar for Jon Medved

Jon Medved

CEO, Our Crowd

avatar for Roy Morejon

Roy Morejon

President, Command Partners
Charlotte, North Carolina Area

avatar for Cynthia Nevels

Cynthia Nevels

Dallas/Fort Worth Area

avatar for Gregory Parker

Gregory Parker

Co-owner & CEO, Indie Crowd Funder, LLC
Beverly Hills, CA

avatar for Eli Regalado

Eli Regalado

Chief Madness Officer, Mad Hatter Agency
Greater Denver Area

avatar for Richard Rodman

Richard Rodman

CEO/ Co-Founder, Crowdentials
Cleveland, Ohio

avatar for Benji Rogers

Benji Rogers

President & Founder, PledgeMusic
Greater New York City Area

avatar for Mark E. Sackett

Mark E. Sackett

President, CEO, COO, The Idea Stone /
New York, New York

avatar for Joy Schoffler

Joy Schoffler

Principal, Leverage PR
Austin, Texas Area

avatar for Manolis Sfinarolakis

Manolis Sfinarolakis


avatar for Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

CEO, Real Estate Investment Platform and Marketplace
Greater New York City Area

avatar for Christian Smith

Christian Smith

Founder, Phone Halo
Carpinteria, California

avatar for Rose Spinelli

Rose Spinelli

Crowdfunding Consultant, Rose Spinelli
Chicago, Illinois

avatar for Bronson Taylor

Bronson Taylor

Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker
Bonita Springs, Florida

avatar for Sarah Timms

Sarah Timms

Founder and President, Love Animals
Greater Denver Area

avatar for Sam Vogel

Sam Vogel

CoFounder, Real Estate Investment Platform and Marketplace
Houston, Texas Area

avatar for Sonny Vu

Sonny Vu

Founder, Misfit Wearables
Greater Boston Area

avatar for Presley Werlein

Presley Werlein

Partner, Werlein Harris
Houston, Texas Area
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