Crowdtilt Top 20 Crowdfunding Campaigns part 2

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#4 Rapper Nas Raises $65k for a Homeless Family of Eight


“Nasty Nas” changes lives of homeless family

World-famous rapper Nas (Nasir Jones) got wind of Stanley Young’s plight while watching the news. The “I Can” singer saw Mr. Young’s eight beautiful children in danger of being homeless after a house fire, and as a single father himself, he knew he had to do something to help.

Instead of reaching out on his own, he wanted to take it even bigger and empower his fans and the nation to support Stanley as well. So he started this Crowdtilt, chipped in $10,000 himself, and triggered a modern miracle. Read the full story here.

#5 Miraculous Happy Ending for a Young Scientist!


2 miracles — tilted by the kindness of strangers!

Kiera Wilmot was a bright, 16-year-old student in Florida when her ill-fated science experiment started a nightmare — she was expelled, sent to jail and charged with an adult felony. The science/tech community stepped up in support, raising ~$8k to pay for a lawyer to bring justice for Kiera!

The good news doesn’t end there. Famous NASA engineer and American author Homer Hickam (played by Jake Gyllenhaal in “October Sky”) started a second Crowdtilt to send Kiera, her twin sister and their mom to Space Camp in Hunstville, Alabama. It tilted in just two days, changing the lives of the girls. Read all about here.

(P.S. The girls and their mom sent us the sweetest pictures and thank you notes ever!)

#6 The Largest Halloween Party on the West Coast!

yacht party - blogv2-lesspurple

$108k tilted by 1,702 costumed revellers!

On October 31st, 1,702 San Franciscans crowdfunded an incredibly unforgettable Halloween celebration, shattering world records for the largest crowdfunded party of all time!

Guests raised over $108k to rent the biggest party yacht moored on the West Coast and got their “Thriller” on with 10 open bars, 4 floors of dancing, live DJs, dazzling views of the bay and more awesomeness. Check it out here!!

(Read more in SF Gate and check out the spookish pictures on Facebook.)

#7 Remembering Neill Strayer Townsend

Neill Townsend bike and watch

$10k raised to honor a beloved friend

Neill Townsend was a cherished son, friend, lawyer and bicyclist who was tragically killed during a car/bicycling accident in Chicago in 2012.

In his honor, Scott Wilson and the talented LUNATIK team created a beautiful, limited-edition chronograph analog watch — elegantly etched with Neill’s football number and reflecting the ‘ghost’ design of Neill’s ghost bike memorial. They used Crowdtilt to sell the watches to benefit Neill’s favorite nonprofit.

This beautiful group purchasing campaign/fundraiser was a timeless, unique work of love and friendship — and we were touched to host it.

(See Top 4 touching memorial tilts here.)

#8 $131,000 Raised to Save LIFE Camp!

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.12.47 AM

celebrities to everyday people donated $1 to $50,000

There’s no cause that a small group of committed citizens can’t come together to make possible! Bringing in 492 donations — some as large as $50,000 (from Kimora Lee Simmons) and dozens of $1 donations from those who dug deep (see the comments on the campaign!), Erica Ford’s LIFE Camp fundraiser raised a mindblowing $131k to save this amazing anti-violence nonprofit in the most dangerous district of Queens!

This campaign was even covered in Oprah Magazine. See the amazing nonprofit campaign here.

tilting for nonprofits here→

#9 Fans Hire Private Jet for Unique Surprise!


a random musing turned into reality

One fan’s random idea turned into reality due to the power of groups. 92 Phish fans raised $2,000 to write a message in the sky with a private jet during one of their performances.

And it all went down beautifully. The fans decided to spell “Read the Book,” a reference to the Phish rarity “Icculus,” a fan-favorite song that had not been played in several years. The band responded in an incredible way — read more here

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#10 The First Crowdfunded Political Campaign


mayoral candidate raised $60k in 10 days

Oakland, CA, Port Commissioner Bryan Parker used crowdfunding as an example of democracy in action as he challenged current mayor Jean Quan.

His campaign was the first (but not the last!) of its kind — celebrating the intersection of politics and technology, and transparently measuring his mayoral chances for a 2014 bid! (It worked incredibly well: Parker raised $15,755 in the first day alone.)

By keeping his fundraising transparent and accessible, Parker’s hopes to usher in a new era of openness and unity! Read all about it in the Daily Dot.

“By using Crowdtilt to kick off my campaign, I aim to give every interested resident a chance to participate—instead of just the political insiders who have funded political campaigns in this town for far too long.” – Bryan Parker

#11 $60k Raised for Safer Streets 

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 10.28.44 AM

$60k raised by 641 households

Neighbors in Rockridge, CA, were tired of the at-gunpoint home robberies. With the vehement statement “enough is enough,” they started three separate campaigns on Crowdtilt to fund private security patrols in their crime-stricken neighborhoods.

641 households joined, and within 30 days, their campaigns had raised $27k, $21k, and $12k — enough to fund three times the duration of security they had aimed for! These campaigns showed the amazing power of crowdfunding to propel civic action. Read the full story in Techpresident.

#12 Soylent Raises Over $1.7 MM on Crowdhoster

Soylent - plus team

$1.7MM from 16,000+ supporters

Soylent was the very first team to use Crowdhoster (Crowdtilt’s white-label, product-focused crowdfunding platform) for their project!

They crowdfunded over $1.7 MM from over 10,000 hungry fans to bring their controversial nutritional food-drink to life, and dozens of other projects have followed in Soylent’s Crowdhosted footsteps. Get your Soylent on here.

(Pictured above: The Crowdtilt team gets an exclusive first sip of this product!!)

#13 SEEKHO – Empowering Rural Youth in India

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 10.58.14 AM

2 college grads raised $50k in 30 days.

Proving that college students don’t just party, Zubin Sharma and Ankit Shah used Crowdtilt to channel their passion and launch their incredible nonprofit, SEEKHO!

They put together an inspiring description, passionately shared their story on Facebook, and even dedicated their graduation party to raising funds. Classmates, family, professors and mere acquaintances soon caught on, and were inspired to spread the Crowdtilt story — raising $50,784 in just 30 days. We loved their brilliant idea, their passionate campaign, the brilliant SEEKHO song one fan was inspired to compose (!!), and the way Zubin and Ankit proved that crowdfunding empowers anyone to bring change to the world.

(Fun fact: Zubin is currently off in India, celebrating New Years with the SEEKHO youth!)

tilting for nonprofits here→

#14 Young Church Inspires $107k to Expand




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