CrowdFunding 2104 and Beyond By, David Khorram

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We  know crowdFunding is growing fast and most of us are aware of the 93 billion dollar estimate of the world bank, Then I focus on :
  • The growth of service sector that would support Crowdfunding equity and non equity / reward in 2014  :
  • Crowdfunding  non equity / reward services in 2104 and beyond 
  • CrowdFunding portals cover between 1 to 3 months of  start up journey but the fact is Crowd part of CrowdFunding starts  at least 4 to 6 months before CrowFunding campaign and the idea and its mutation, growth and development few years before that
  • Since Crowd Funding non equity base is a viable fund raising option now  then its strategy should be planned, evaluate and validated at the same time as an idea is being developed.
  • At this time there are five entities in CrowdFunding reward based ecosystem :
  1. CrowdFunding project owner / issuer 
  2. CrowdFunding investors
  3. CrowdFunding mentor consultants
  4. CrowdFunding service providers 
  5. CrowdFunding portals
  • CrowdFunding Planning believes all the above entities should be engaged  with the CrowdFunding owner and its project way in advance of CrowdFunding campaign  in order to insure its  success. These services should be tailor made to start up’s requirements such as Low cost, highly flexible and extremely efficient
  • For example:
  • CrowdFunding project owner / issuer  should be able to validate their idea , solution , value proposition , unfair advantages and vertical marketing  way in advance in order to develop product and service that the customer wants and not build a field of dream that nobody knows or wants . We do not suggest entrepreneurs to use Crowd Funding for concept validation and jump off the ledge and try to build their wings on the way down
  • Crowd Funding investors should have an opportunity to know about their CrowdFunding favorite verticals , product , services or events  in advanced in order to be able to have the opportunity to get to know the project owner and the project itself . This could create the network  and future investment required to elevate the project to the next level.  In crowdFunding planning we have about 500 websites which 15 are validated and  magnetized and the rest will go to our project graveyard. 
          1. CrowdFunding project owner should have access to Crowd Funding mentor consultants with proven project experiences in order to build their team. We allknowCrowdFunding is a team work . is an example of this ecosystem
          2.  Once the CrowdFunding campaign is a success, the real work starts and Crowd Funding project owner need Crowd Funding service providers  help to develop, procure, fulfill and process the project product , service  or events .
  •    All the above services need to develop and improved a good example of the above are :
            1. or
            6. And many more
      1. Crowdfunding equity service providers:
  • As you know we all are waiting for ….. The example of this service provider is ;
  • Google / Google Apps / peer to peer lending
  • Amazon / CrowdFunding portal
  • Microsoft
  • Ebay
  • Hollywood / Reality shows
  • Magazines  on line of off line
          1. CrowdFunding  training  eLearning /  or Sherwood Neiss’s Success with Crowd Funding  series
  • Crowd Funding directories and  / or Broker dealer MLS
  • Title II Investment and investor  verification services
  • Title II Filing services for form D for example
  • Title II compliance services:
  • Lawyers  and accounting services
  • Risk assessment service 
          1. Advertizing possibilities 
    1. All the above are their  own businesses and will be the backbone or  spinal cord of Crowd Funding industry. There is no magic into it  and one does not have to build a large organization if you can spend 1cent and produce 2cents and  since you are dealing with the crowd , then you can be a millionaire as a service provider

Sincerely yours,

David Khorram

CrowdFunding Planning

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