Campaign: The world’s #1 network scanner in a box!

Fingbox: A simple device to secure & troubleshoot your home network. The world’s #1 network scanner in a box!

Fingbox is the evolution of the Fing app, the popular network scanner for iOS and Android. It’s a direct response to the needs of their 15 million users, who have asked for additional security and troubleshooting features for their home network.

Fingbox features:
Stop Wi-fi intruders: Identify and block intruders
Identify bandwidth hogs: Easily find out which devices are consuming the most broadband
24/7 monitoring: Monitor all devices on your network, including those essential to your home’s security

Parental Control: Block and allow the devices your kids use
Alerts: Alerts for new devices, intruders, device status, network status, family and guests

Wi-Fi sweet spot: Locate the fastest and slowest Wi-Fi spots in your home
Internet Speed: Keep track of how the internet is performing over time

Service Quality: Check the quality of your favourite applications like YouTube and Facebook