CrowdFundBeat Exclusive Interview With EquityNet Founder Judd Hollas

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EquityNet was launched in 2005 by founder Judd Hollas, making the equity crowdfunding platform one of the oldest in the industry.

Judd shared his unique perspective with us in a live interview on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 4:00 Eastern. Watch the video here:

Judd’s bio:

Mr. Hollas is a pioneer in the field of crowdfunding with multiple patents granted for web-based capital marketplace systems. He is the founder and chief inventor of EquityNet and continues to lead the Company’s efforts to create and introduce innovative new products and services. He is responsible for the overall management of the Company, including its strategic direction and fiscal and professional integrity. Prior to founding EquityNet in 2005, Mr. Hollas served as Division Manager for Beta-Rubicon, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in technology assessment and business due diligence services. He conducted extensive research on methods of conventional due diligence, causes of private enterprise failure and methods for risk prediction, marketplace characteristics in the private equity industry, and it was during this time that he developed the business model for EquityNet.

Mr. Hollas has 20 years of experience as an independent technology analyst and investment manager in the private and public domains. He has personally invested in over 30 emerging technology companies in a wide range of industry sectors, including various software sectors, semiconductors, biometrics, networking, wireless communications, and conventional and alternative energy. Mr. Hollas developed and applied proprietary quantitative models, statistical methods, and research approaches that were critical to his investment management performance. He worked previously on process modeling and supply chain automation of complex systems as a process chemical engineer for Phillips Petroleum. Mr. Hollas earned his B.S in Chemical Engineering (with Honors) from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Devin D. Thorpe, CrowdFundBeat contributing editor, is the author of Crowdfunding for Social Good. Readers can follow him on Twitter at @devindthorpe.

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