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Tilt changes dynamics of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Small Businesses: Update on Title III of JOBS Act

WATCH: Bitcoin CrowdFunding : Digital-Currency Revolution


CrowdFundBeat News Wire, Similar to how Kickstarter revolutionized crowdsourcing projects through e-payments, Lighthouse hopes to move that into the undertapped Bitcoin sphere of influence starting yesterday (Jan. 21), when the site went public on…

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Accredited CrowdFunding

“The Rise of Alternative Finance” Silicon Valley Conference March 5th 2015


CrowdFunding Beat Media, Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference on March 5th-6th. We are pleased to host the conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Entitled “The…

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Alternative Investing and the Next Phase of Crowdfunding

Silicon Valley CF 2015 Conference

By Steve Cinelli, CrowdFunding Beat Sr. Editor  Those that keep track of investing activities have witnessed large institutional investors  allocating larger levels of their portfolios to alternative investments. Driven by a series of internal and…

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Crowdfunding physics and astronomy

Crowdfunding Case Study: How to build a $500 Million Biotech in Silicon Valley?


Author: Richard Swart, PhD, Research Director, Program in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance     Graduate Assistant, Peter Trujillo, MBA Haas 2015 Copyright © 2015 License is granted to any accredited academic institution to use…

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New Report: Crowdfunding Opportunities for Traditional Banking and Securities

New Report: Crowdfunding Opportunities for Traditional Banking and Securities

CrowdFunding Beat Media, Traditional banking and securities venues are now finding crowdfunding opportunities in Europe and the United States, according to Aite Group. Boston, January 7, 2015– Crowdfunding, now considered an alternative asset class,…

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Light & Motion Launches Game-Changing Companion Lights for GoPro Action Cameras on Kickstarter!


January 16, 2015, Marina, CA – Light & Motion – the premier manufacturer of underwater imaging, bike and outdoor LED lights – launched its first action camera companion light line, the Sidekick, on Kickstarter.…

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Crowdnetic Q4 Report: Services and Technology Take the Lead

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Crowdnetic’s quarterly data analysis report on private companies publicly raising shows the continued upward trajectory of the crowdfinance industry. Crowdnetic, the leading provider of technology and market data solutions to the global crowdfinance marketplace,…

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Reserch Set Out to Reveal the Truth about Crowdfunding

Reserch Set Out to Reveal the Truth about Crowdfunding

By Adi Gaskell CrowdFund Beat Contributor, As crowdfunding has taken off over the past few years, there have been a number of studies that have attempted to understand the whole process.  For instance, a recent paper looked…

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WATCH: VCs Looking to Crowdfunding Sites for Investment Ideas

Top 10 Successful Crowdfunding Projects of 2014

CrowdFunding Beat Media,  The ten most successful crowdfunding projects of 2014 are:10. Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations $2,532,180…9. SCiO: Your Sixth Sense$2,762,571…8. Zombicide: Season 3$2,849,064…7. Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones $2,930,631…6. The Dash – Wireless, Smart In-Ear Headphones$3,390,551……

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Investment Crowdfunding in 2015


By Samuel S. Guzik  CrowdFunding Beat special-guest-contributor  A Much Needed Thaw in the Regulatory Gridlock For many focused on opening up new avenues of capital formation for SME’s in the US, or expanding investment opportunities for…

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CrowdFund Beat 2014 : Person of the Year – OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved


CrowdFunding Beat Media. By Desk editors  2014 will be remembered as when “Crowdfunding” became a formal entry into the lexicons of financial services and social media.   A beacon of the “sharing economy”, crowd finance has evolved…

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Google strong-arms indie musicians into accepting brutal, crowdfunding-killing ...Boing BoingGoogle is launching a new, Youtube-branded streaming music service, with the cooperation of the Big Four labels, who got to negotiate the terms of their participation -- unlike the indie music [...]

BloombergCrowdfunding Revives Quake-Hit Small Businesses in JapanBloombergCrowdfunding cash, Kono says. “Right after the disaster we were running on adrenaline, but after that, it felt like there were just too many problems to deal with,” said Kono, 41, the president of Yagisawa Shout [...]

Colorado Drafts New Intrastate Crowdfunding RegulationsCrowdfund InsiderColorado It appears that Colorado wants to improve capital formation for small companies as well. The Centennial state is preparing to introducing legislation that will facilitate crowdfunding by authorizing on-li [...]

Crowdfund InsiderSymbid to Broaden Beyond Equity Crowdfunding. Site Update & New Features ...Crowdfund InsiderAt the time Zandvliet stated, “we look forward to expanding our platform through Europe and introducing it to the US crowdfunding marketplace.” Just this past December, Sy [...]

ABC Action NewsKey to crowdfunding: 10 tips for a successful launchABC Action NewsWorldwide, crowdfunding raised $2.7 billion online in 2012 and $5.1 billion in 2013. Numbers are still out on 2014, but the method of raising funds has shown no signs of slowing down. When it comes to la [...]

Austin Business Journal (blog)The 411 on crowdfunding in Texas: Info session set for February 11Austin Business Journal (blog)The Texas Crowdfunding Network has scheduled its first Texas Equity Crowdfunding seminar for Feb. 11 in Austin. The event will be at the Capital Factory from 6 [...]

CFIA Initiates National Equity Crowdfunding Survey for AustraliaCrowdfund InsiderCrowdfunding Institute of Australia The Crowdfunding Institute of Australia has launched a survey on equity crowdfunding to measure interest and awareness for the budding investment crowdfunding industry. [...]

Remember Tom, the hipster who crowdfunded his dates? Well Phil Stewart guy ...MetroWe all remember Tom Packer, the textbook hipster who is trying to crowdfund 13 dates in order to find true love. Opinion on Tom was fairly split – some people wanted to help the young man find a partner [...]

Crowdfunding real estate taking hold in ColoradoThe Denver PostCrowdfunding, better known for backing aspiring artists and budding entrepreneurs, is gaining traction in real estate, both nationally and along Colorado's Front Range. It's not Kickstarter — for now, minimum inv [...]

Real Estate Crowdfunding Turns 75Huffington PostFrom 10 eighteen months ago, to 50 six months ago, to 75 today, real estate crowdfunding platforms are launching at a torrid pace. This frenzy is destined to accelerate, with at least 15 additional platforms in pre-launch and many more l [...]

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