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Fintech: A policymaker’s Perspective

Fintech Wave of the Future?

60 Minutes

CrowdFundBeat News Wire, BROTHERS PATRICK AND JOHN COLLISON CHALLENGE THE FINANCIAL STATUS QUO WITH THEIR PAYMENTS START-UP STRIPE –  “60 MINUTES” Patrick and John Collison are among a vanguard of entrepreneurs trying to make the…

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Crowdfunding: No Demo Days For Title III Issuers

No Demo Days

By Mark Roderick CrowdFunding Beat contributing editor and crowdfunding attorney  with Flaster/Greenberg PC. Crowdfunding is a marketing business. But when it comes to marketing an offering of securities by a Title III issuer, things get complicated.…

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Marketing for Crowdfunding

Marketing for Crowdfunding

By Ashleigh Everston  CrowdfundBeat Guest Contributor, Influencer Marketing for Crowdfunding: An Equation for Success! Crowdfunding is the first step towards successful entrepreneurship. Without having the right financiers in your pocket, you cannot make your dream startup…

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Equity Crowdfunding: Is It For You?

Image credit: Jim Frazier

By Rick Pendykoski, Crowdfund Beat Guest Post, Equity crowdfunding is a huge trend in the startup market, helping a number of companies launch their goods and services without heavy investment of their own. While…

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Peter Thiel on Future of Fintech

How Reg A+ enables raising up to $50 mil from the general public

How Reg A+ enables raising up to $50 mil from the general public

Given that only a few marketplace lenders accept money from retail investors, Regulation A+ may be a viable option to help these platforms diversify their funding sources away from institutional capital. One of the…

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The Future of P2P and Online Lending


By Dara Albright, CrowdFunding Beat Guest Editor, Co-founder of the LendIt conference & the FinFair Conference, LendIt – Once Again Helping Predict the Future of P2P and Online Lending 1996 was great year.  Hootie & the Blowfish…

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OTC Markets & Elio Motors (OTCQX: ELIO)

Due Diligence: a Two-Way Street Every Startup Should Know About

DD title art

By Maria Jones | Partnership Manager @ investors angel  Crowdfund Beat Guest Editor,             Due Diligence is a complex and highly responsible process, and is one of the most important…

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Define the Problem for CrowdFunding Campaign Success


Jorge Sanchez III Partner,, Crowdfund Beat Guest Contributor, Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is largely dependent on having a well defined strategy. This relies heavily on having a clear understanding of the purpose of…

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Reg A+ – 100 Filed, 29 Qualified, intended to raise 1.5B

download (31)

By Rod Turner CrowdfundBeat Guest post. The number of mid-stage companies and fast-paced startups turning their attention to Regulation A+ funding is continuing to gain steam. In April’s update we now have –  69 companies…

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Growth of Real Estate Crowdfunding in 2016


By Waleed Esbaitah, CEO of the Middle East-based real estate crowdfunding platform,Durise and CrowdfundBeat Guest Editor, Real estate crowdfunding has recently emerged as an extremely lucrative investment opportunity for a large number of real estate…

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FwdForce Releases First Challenge-Oriented Crowdfunding Platform


CrowdFund Beat News Wire, Closed beta of new platform that supports only challenges that gain a critical mass and introduces the element of competition available to limited individuals BOSTON — April 7, 2016 —…

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Will Jobs Act Title III be a Boom or a Bust?

“CrowdFunding Success Story” Georgia Quinn- Ron Miller -Dan Baird – Josef Holm – Darren Marble

5 High-Risk High-Return Alternative Investment Options


By John Smith CrowdFundBeat Guest Post, Investing in modern alternative versions of stock can be a double-edged sword. It’s a very lucrative but highly risky way to make a difference in your life by…

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IRA Services Launches P2P Lending’s First Cloud-based API Driven Retirement Investment Solution


CrowdFund Beat News Wire,           San Carlos, CA — (April 6, 2016) – IRA Services, the leading provider in custodial trust solutions for non-exchange traded investing, is pleased to announce…

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On 4th Anniversary of the JOBS Act, Crowdfunding Advocates are Optimistic


CrowdFund Beat News Wire, WASHINGTON, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Four years ago today on April 5, 2012, President Obama signed the Jumpstart our Businesses Startup Act (JOBS Act) into law in the Rose…

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Crowdfunding – Important Do’s and Don’ts


By Kaelynn Bailee, CrowdFund Beat Guest Post, It is common to entrepreneurs seeking crowdfunding. Crowdfunding sites turn product ideas into reality or services. It has become a new way to finance projects and startups.…

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Secondary trading of securities – risks & exemptions


 By Scott Purcell CEO FundAmerica Technologies, LLC The good news is that under Reg A (and 506b&c), securities offerings by an issuer are exempt from state blue-sky registration. This is fantastic as it means…

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Equity Crowdfunding’s First (But Not Last) Unicorn

os-equity-crowdfunding-orlando-expert-panel-20-001 (1)

By Eric Hal Schwartz Self-driving cars are a still-evolving technology that has yet to take a final or ubiquitous form. It’s fitting then, that it’s a startup devoted to that technology has become the first…

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Crowdfunding Law & Order

REPORT: Crowdfunding is expanding and maturing in Europe


By Ronald Kleverlaan, Crowdfund Beat Guest Post, “The Current state of Crowdfunding“, the newly published report byCrowdfundingHub, the European Expertise Centre for Alternative & Community Finance, shows that in 2015 the crowdfunding industry in Europe…

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Regulation A+: Legal Considerations & Policy Recommendations


By Robin Sosnow Law Office of Robin Sosnow PLLC., Crowdfund Beat Guest post, Exactly one year ago today the SEC voted to adopt the proposed rules implementing Title IV of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups…

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Donald Trump & Rule 506(d) bad actor


Lauren Leibowitz, Principal at 1st BridgeHouse Securities, LLC, CrowdfundBeat Sr. Guest editor, On July 10, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted bad actor disqualification provisions for Rule 506 of Regulation D under the Securities Act…

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Crowdfunding for Your Startup?

dailystartup_D_20090806101628-1-250x174 (1)

By Gabi Barragan crack the crowd .com Crowdfund Beat Guest Editor, Every single day a plethora of startups kick off crowdfunding campaigns with big dreams of reaching their targets and scoring a big win for innovation. From…

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Why 2016 is the Year of Equity Crowdfunding

FullSizeRender (9)

By Adrian Bishop, Editor at, Crowdfunding Guest post, United States equity crowdfunding could double the capital raised this year to generate up to $4billion and 2016 will be the Year of Equity Crowdfunding, industry experts…

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Science MagazinePedophile drug trial extends crowdfunding effort after falling shortScience MagazineSwedish researchers hoping to raise funds to conduct a trial of a potential drug to treat pedophilia have fallen short of their initial crowdfunding target. But they are now planning to [...]

MLive.comCrowdfunding drive raises twice its goal to extend bike trailMLive.comThornapple Trail The Thornapple Trail Association hopes to extend its bicycle and walking trail by participating in a crowd funding campaign to raise $10,000 to qualify for matching funds from the Michigan [...]

Crowdfund InsiderCapital Markets Union: Commission supports crowdfunding as alternative source of finance for Europe's start-upsEU NewsThe report finds that crowdfunding remains relatively small but is developing rapidly. If appropriately regulated, it has the potential to be a k [...]

Billings GazetteGive Local Yellowstone crowdfunding event underway todayBillings GazetteGive Local Yellowstone crowdfunding event underway today. Gazette Staff; 11 min ago; 0. Rock Creek Coffee Roasters. Buy Now. CASEY PAGE/Gazette Staff. A downtown mainstay for more than 10 years, Ro [...]

Sydney Morning HeraldThe perks and pitfalls of crowdfundingSydney Morning HeraldA few years ago, Chris Rouse was a passionate crowdfunding supporter. He poured more than $1500 into several independent film projects hosted on Indiegogo. All of them were months behind – sometimes years [...]

Crowdfund InsiderPerspective on Crowdfunding: This New Industry Will FlourishCrowdfund InsiderAll crowdfunding constituents continue to need to remain vigilant and keep the problems limited. We all share this responsibility if we want to benefit from this considerable departure from o [...]

IBS Intelligence (blog) (subscription)Tandem to kickstart £1 million crowdfunding campaignFinextra (press release)Tandem will be hoping to generate the same level of buzz that surrounded the Mondo raise in March, which generated £1 million in pledges in a record-breaking one minute an [...]

MoneyWeekThe next step for crowdfunding: “crowd-directing”?MoneyWeekWe now have unprecedented access to investments, and crowdfunding platforms give us the ability to evaluate, question and guide the offers and the entrepreneurs. This open forum is forging an era of investor education [...]

PA home pageCrowdfunding for Start-upsPA home page(WBRE/WYOU) - Crowdfunding is growing in popularity and soon it will be a new way for people to invest in start-ups all over the country. The sound of the bell on Wall Street is golden to investors and entrepreneurs alike. The bell mea [...]

Crowdfund InsiderCrowdfundBeat to Host Crowdfunding USA Conference at Washington D.C.'s National Press ClubCrowdfund InsiderOn Monday, CrowdfundBeat announced it will be hosting the annual Crowdfunding USA Conference at Washington D.C.'s National Press Club on May 5th-6th. A [...]

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